Av. São
Ed. Louvre
SP        BR

Avenida São Luis 192 SL06 SP BR

Born from the enthusiasm and inspiration that animate the spirit of artistic creation, Verve is home to different platforms for experimenting with contemporary art.
Eloquence and subtlety are at the root of the term Verve, as is the careful selection of artists and exhibition projects. Because it understands that artistic languages ​​comprise continuous and complementary processes, the gallery represents young and established artists in dialogue, who move freely between painting, performance, drawing, photography, sculpture and engraving.


Directed by artist Allann Seabra and architect Ian Duarte, the gallery occupies a space in the historic Louvre Building, in open dialogue with the built heritage of the city of São Paulo. From the configuration of its exhibition space and the connection with urbanity, countless possibilities emerge, extending the gallery’s performance to the street and fulfilling the integrative function between art, the public and the city.

Verve is a member of the Brazilian Association of Contemporary Art [ABACT] and is part of the SP-Arte Advisory Committee.