Anteroom Project

Anteroom Project

João GG, Angella Conte, Adriel Visoto, Guilherme Callegari, Letícia Lopes, Francisco Hurtz, Felipe Zoras, Luisa Malzoni, Fran Chang, Tales Frey, Paulo Damásio 04.24-10.26.2020

Anteroom Project [Projeto Antessala]

At the height of the restrictions imposed by the quarantine, the gallery sought to activate the showcase of its physical space with projects specially developed for the moment. The Anteroom Project, as it was named, presented individual and collective installations in dialogue with the public space and the residual movement of the neighborhood between April and October 2020. The project presented three chapters: “Aquário”, Video installation by the artist Angella Conte; “Hyperobject”, by João GG; and “Oferta Quente”, a collective installation in the gallery window designed and curated by Eduarda Freire, with works by Adriel Visoto, Fran Chang, Letícia Lopes, João GG, Francisco Hurtz, Felipe Zoras, Luisa Malzoni, Guilherme Callegari, Tales Frey and Paulo Damasio.

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