Articulated Body; Critical Essay by Marcus de Lontra Costa

Articulated Body; Critical Essay by Marcus de Lontra Costa

Farnese de Andrade, Luciano Zanette, Nazareth Pacheco, Nelly Gutmacher 11.06-12.08.2018
"Articulated Body", by Marcus de Lontra Costa

Articulated Body [Corpo Articulado]

The show brings together works by four Brazilian artists from different generations. Based on Farnese de Andrade, a seminal artist in contemporary Brazilian training, the curatorship established dialogues with aesthetic productions that deal with the theme of the body. Farnese is the artist of tensions, of sadness, of the prisoner instances of being. Its objects invade the field of uncertainties and doubts, awakening in all of us a curious feeling that dialogues with desire, pain and joy. They are fragments of a body that reorganizes itself before our eyes.

Nelly Gutmacher is a direct heir of this Farnesian soul, seen and interpreted by female sensibility, where sensuality is revealed and hidden, a hermaphrodite realm of pleasures and dreads. This articulated and fragmented body is only insinuated in the work of Nazareth Pacheco. It permeates the artist’s production like the wind crosses space, it whistles, insinuates itself, speaks and reveals times, moments, chronicles of life, chemistry, stories, treatments, overcoming, witnesses. The pain and force of body intimacies assume a collective and social context in Luciano Zanette’s precise structures, in which violence reflects the aggressions that the human body suffers over time, caused by ignorance and disrespect for diversity.

​Four voices, four moments, four faces of an imperfect and magical square in which the body struggles and tries to breathe in the face of the silence and the existential tragedy of man resignified by the regenerative power of artistic action.

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