Watery eyes; Critical Essay by Rosely Nakagawa

Watery eyes; Critical Essay by Rosely Nakagawa

Luisa Malzoni 12.11.2018-02.02.2019
"Watery eyes", by Rosely Nakagawa

Watery eyes [Olhos D’água]

Weaving remembrance to build memories

“Memory is not a simple remembering, but reveals one of the fundamental forms of our existence, which is the relationship with time, and, in time, with what is invisible, absent and distant, that is, the past. “

Marilena Chaui

In philosophy, memory is the guarantee of the structuring of identity, enabling the encounter with oneself. The thread of memory woven with a trail of light that denounces a gesture, the thin film scratched on the paper, the dry stain. The ground floor, the knot of the wool, the fold of the handkerchief, the humidity of crying. Building memory through this plot woven as a primordial experience is what can be inferred from the aesthetic experience to which artist Luisa Malzoni is dedicated.

​Experience essay, developed since when she wrote the embroidered verse in her work that is presented alongside photographs, carried out on supports that she appropriates in this journey.

​Treasures found in nooks and crannies and collected by the curiosity of a girl who never stopped being.

The heat of the sand, the smell of the sun, the roughness of the leaf, the noise of the dress and whatever else interests you, evoked not to forget, but specially guarded to restore the future.

A memory that does not evoke the past, but bears witness to the continuity full of brilliance and care when building a present time.

Spring water eye that sprouts with the preserved forest that surrounds it, sown over time, which combines love with embroidery, affection with ink, devotion with light and work with great pleasure.

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