Bienvenue Art Fair 2021

Adriel Visoto 12.15-12.19.2021
"Anti-Narcissus", by Mateus Nunes

The bed is a stage and the floor is a home. The notions of private and public are already inside out, with a melancholy and carnal vulnerability. Surrounded by a dense air of historical affection, in a place of pure intimacy like a hotel room, Adriel Visoto’s paintings are the paradoxical composition of a window made of a broken mirror: trying to look at the world, through small paintings, if it is forced to look at a shattered version of himself.

You can see Paris through this fortress-inn. These walls are not just made of bricks and stones, but memories and pure history. The windows, however, are dense mirrors, making you look at yourself when you expected to see the city silhouette on the horizon.

In Visoto’s work, everyday stories are the main theme of the paintings, presenting us with unconscious fragments, sharp and dangerous memories of ourselves.