Zona Maco 2023

Zona Maco 2023

Ana Beatriz Almeida, Daniel Acosta, Pablo Ravina 02.08-02.12.2023

For this edition of Zona Maco 2023, Verve presents a dialogue between the works of artists Daniel Acosta and Pablo Ravina. According to Agnaldo Farias, “The core point of Daniel Acosta’s poetics resides in problematizing the complacent way in which we relate to the representations of what each of his works – photography, drawing, sculpture, installation – a critique of the memory of these relationships that permeate our muscles and minds, guides gestures, limits the spectrum of perception, does not allow one to perceive that things do not unravel in their appearances, do not end in what is immediately seen, are no less surface phenomena”.

Pablo Ravina’s work comfortably transits through different themes, from historical, political, memory identity analyses, to concerns with contemporary artistic practices, the artist’s role, that of the market, its configurations, scope and responsibilities, all of them driven by the intent to document our time.

The artist Ana Beatriz Almeida participates in the fair’s Video Program, curated by Samantha Ozer and Juan Canela, with the work Egbe Orun. For Denise Ferreira da Silva, “Ana Beatriz Almeida’s work reminds us that there, beyond life and death, it is not a passage, the limit between one moment and another, but infinity itself. Infinity, I mean , the all-nothing, the there-where-when all existences become nothing more than versions of (im)possible stories.”