ArPa 2022: Field Art Sector

ArPa 2022: Field Art Sector

PV Dias, Shai Andrade 06.01-06.05.2022
Sector curator: Catarina Duncan

Arte em Campo [Field Art Sector] is a platform for artistic interventions in the space of the Pacaembu stadium. For 2022, ArPa invited the curator Catarina Duncan to develop a project of exhibition occupation and public installations in Charles Miller square, in partnership with more than 10 galleries from all over the country.

In the street, in the middle of the whirlpool is the temporary title of the exhibition, borrowed from the famous novel Grande Sertão: Veredas, by João Guimarães Rosa. Life itself is in movement, in the whirlpool itself, in chaos and encounter.

This curatorial proposal relates to the public space as a disputed territory, a space for dialogue and training. A crossroads of knowledge, forces and forms, and in this sense, it presents a plethora of possibilities and guides the selection of artistic propositions gathered. Large-scale works will be presented, commissioned or already existing, but which will be exhibited in an unprecedented way.

The project’s objective is to bring to the art fair an accessible space, with pedagogical and educational constructions, thus seeking to establish relationships with the various recurring audiences in the region, whether for football or the free food fair. This proposal affirms our commitment to a broad and democratic artistic production, showing that the power of art is realized in the flow of crossings.

In the previous edition, in 2020, the project was based inside the Pacaembu Complex, occupying the stadium’s soccer field, tennis courts, gym and club swimming pool, with works by 53 artists represented by 25 galleries. Over eight days more than 5,000 people visited the artistic occupation in the Complex.